Goldsmith Players Autumn 2011 production

The Goldsmith Players presented two one act plays for their autumn season, No One Knows Everything and Hell and High Water

The first play, by Leonard Morley, was a comedy with a double twist set in the home of the village carpenter, Elijah Pollard.   The comedy drew upon the uncomfortable relationship with his authoritarian housekeeper with whom he was tricked into a proposal of marriage.  Elijah however enjoyed the last laugh by revealing that he was already married a circumstance of which even his sister was unaware.   A gentle comedy, well-acted and thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.

The second play, Hell and High Water, was a genteel farce that took place in the dining room of Summerville House.   Lord Charles Summerville and his family were partaking of their ritual evening meal in fraught conditions as the room was rapidly filling with water from a burst pipe.   Despite complaints from family members Lord Charles insisted that the meal should proceed.   Beacham the butler continued to perform his duties impeccably coping with the rising water level by wearing wellies, swimsuit, and finally a wet suit!   A tremendous performance by the cast was enhanced by the sound effects and atmosphere produced by the special lighting.

Thank you to everyone involved for these excellent productions.