Goldsmith Players Autumn Production 2013

The Goldsmith Players autumn season comprised the established pattern of two one act plays.   The first, a moving story entitled ‘The Bishops Candlesticks’ by Norman McKinnel was set in the kitchen of a bishop’s cottage in France.

The bishop lived with his widowed sister who bemoans that he has given almost all his savings and possessions to charity.   In spite of their impoverishment the Bishop is a noble and kind hearted soul and even gives away his sisters silver cruet to pay for a poor lady’s rent.   They now have just a pair of treasured silver candlesticks left.

In a dramatic final scene the bishop’s house is entered by a desperate escaped convict, drained of humanity who then steals the bishop’s candlesticks.   He is soon captured and taken to the Bishop who denies that a crime has occurred and dismisses the police.   The Bishop in a further act of charity gives the candlesticks to the convict who becomes overwhelmed by such generosity.   The Bishop insists that the man takes the gift and wishes him on his way in a final deed of compassion, leaving himself impoverished.

The second play, ‘Miss Pringle Plays Portia’ was a comedy set in Muldon Village Hall.   The recreation ground had been let to the village for their use over many years by the owner.   On his death the land was bequeathed to his nephew, Montague Watson, who wanted it for a caravan site.   A public meeting was arranged to plead with Mr Watson to save the amenity. There seemed no alternative other than to appeal to his good nature.   The comedy reached a climax when Watson’s good nature was tested after he was showered in water as he tried to repair the old water boiler. Despite protests and heckling his resolve hardened.

He was outwitted by Ms Portia who convinced Watson that the land should be given back in its original condition and was also persuaded to pay the villagers double their wages to carry out the work.   After Mr Watson had signed a contact, Ms Pringle disclosed that the land had originally been a gravel pit!

Again we were treated to very entertaining evening with brilliant performances by all the players and great stage sets.


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