Junior Church Camp 2013

The Junior Church camp was at Walesby again this year. Walesby also appears to have its own micro-climate. The forecast for the weekend was rain, rain and a bit more rain! Peoplecame out to visit us with reports of monsoon type downpours in both Nottingham and Mansfield that would be with us at any moment.But they never arrived and we even had to get the sun-cream out!

Each year at camp we have our Sunday service at the same time as the service at St Andrews with Castle Gate. This year, 35 of us sat in a circle under the pine trees, with birds singing in the background. The group included some who have grown up coming to camp and now come as leaders, others who were away from mum and dad for the first time, children we see each week at Church, some new faces who became friends over the weekend and the leaders who each year give their time to plan and run the camp so successfully.

Over the weekend we had some great activities:

We worked in teams to build rafts from oil drums and rope. Some people were brave (or foolish!) enough to push the finished boats into the middle of the lake and then stand up on them – not everyone fell in!

We supported each other and cheered as we went down the zip wire. Some were initially nervous about climbing the tower to the start of the ride but with reassurance and encouragement they zoomed down the zip wire.

The cave maze is a series of pitch-black, narrow tunnels that you have to crawl through to find the exit. Some needed the help of older children to overcome their fears but by the end everyone had conquered the maze.


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