Junior Church Show 2013

The exceptionally hot and humid conditions on 13th July ideally prepared the gathering audience for the temperature Dorothy would have been experiencing in Kansas. Prior to the performance, moreover, the splendidly green whiskered Director carefully told the expectant audience how to evacuate the building in the event of tempest, flood and fire. Happily ‘twisters’ weren’t on his list of hazards, which meant that we could remain in our seats as Dorothy’s journey to the Land of Oz unfolded.

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And what a thrilling journey it turned out to be! All of those on stage were excellent, and were clearly putting heart and soul into their performances, whether as the impressive main characters or as cute munchkins, poppies and snowflakes, winkies, flying monkeys or jitterbugs, (and not forgetting Toto).

Equally stunning were the costumes, the make-up, the scenery, the visuals and the sound effects, (of which the audience had fair warning!). It was very evident that many hours had gone into the preparations for the big night, and all that effort paid off handsomely.

As a church, we are indebted to and proud of all those who were performing on stage and of those behind the scenes. The evening was a resounding success, and congratulations are due to all concerned. The applause at the end of the show was richly deserved.