A prayer

In his letter to members in our weekly eNewsletter, our minister included a prayer, having in mind all those who have lost loved ones unexpectedly, those who are in hospital, those recovering at home and those who are feeling anxious, lonely and afraid.

“Almighty and Eternal God, whose love and care is close to each one of us, especially in our time of need, we hold before you all who are desperately ill at this time, all in Intensive Care Units, all recovering on the wards, all at home having beaten the virus, but still sore and anxious. We pray for all those who are starting to feel ill and are desperately worried about what awaits them in the days ahead. In the name of Jesus, who brought healing to the sick and hope to the downhearted, we ask for your healing for all in need, for your patience, for your inner peace and your strength and encouragement, that they may be made well and returned to the love of their families.

Eternal God, we pray too for all those who have lost loved ones, who are facing the aching reality of deep grief and sorrow and who, at the moment, cannot honour their loved ones in the way they would wish. We pray that you will comfort them with the knowledge that their loved ones are in your eternal love and care; that you will bring them new hope and new possibilities and the determination just to carry on.

Eternal God, we pray for all those who are working day and night to nurse and to tend the sick. We give thanks for the skill and dedication of doctors, nurses, managers, cleaners, delivery drivers, engineers and designers, those in government and in positions of authority, all who are working so hard to develop and bring new ways of healing to those in greatest need. Please keep them safe when they are in harm’s way and strengthen and encourage them when they become tired and disillusioned.

Eternal God, above all, we pray that this current crisis will pass quickly and that a way can be found to beat it once and for all. We pray that you will watch over all our loved ones, wherever they are and that you will keep them safe and well. We pray that we may all be reunited in love and friendship very soon. We offer you our prayers, in the knowledge that it is impossible to pray earnestly and for nothing to happen. And to you, Eternal God, be all honour, glory and praise, now and for ever. Amen.