COVID-19 current situation

September 2021:

  • Our church is open for public worship on Sunday mornings and, following the removal of Government restrictions on social distancing indoors, there is no longer a requirement for those attending to book a place in advance.
    • We recognise that some members are more vulnerable or more cautious than others and are also aware that the infection rate in and around Nottingham fluctuates. We are therefore suggesting that those who would prefer to wear a mask (and sit among others wearing masks) to sit on the right-hand side of the church (as you look towards the communion table) and, if you prefer not to wear a mask, to sit on the left-hand side.
    • Tea/coffee is being served in the Fellowship Room after the service. We are opening the doors to the courtyard to maximise ventilation and there is seating outside in the courtyard for those who prefer to socialise in the fresh air.
  • We live stream our Sunday morning services on our YouTube channel and our Recordings of Worship page.
  • Our email newsletter (now fortnightly) is continuing for the next few weeks.
  • Participation at Zoom “after worship coffee time” has dwindled and this session seems to have reached a natural end but Wednesday Afternoon Tea (a time to chat for an hour or so over a cup of tea or coffee from about 3.15 pm) is available for members and the link is circulated each week to all on our members mailing list.
  • Our church halls are opening for meetings, step-by-step, but we are currently limiting concurrent bookings.
  • We will endeavour to keep this website updated as often as possible. Do visit frequently to check for updates, and also check our Facebook page. We would be glad to receive feedback that you think may be helpful.
  • For further information, follow the link below to read our Covid-19 page, which includes advice from the URC nationally and links to Government and Local Government advice.

Covid-19 (last updated on 21st September 2021)

We wish to continue offering pastoral support to all members of the congregation. Any member of the congregation may contact their Elder if they, or someone they know, may need help in connection with a pastoral need or a practical need – we are here to support each other and do what we can for our communities. Any member of the Secretarial Team may be contacted if your Pastoral Elder is not available.


We continue to pray for those who are having health difficulties or who have responsibility for taking decisions in relation to this difficult situation.