Christmas Services 2013

Christmas Services 2013

Christmas poster 2013

We had a full programme of Christmas events and activities again for Christmas 2012.

We supported others through our “Toy Service” following which gifts were taken to a local women’s refuge, a party for international students and raising money for Framework – our local charity for the homeless – at our carol service.

Santa at Junior Church Christmas Party 2013

The children and young people were an important part of the celebrations, leading a festival service telling us about the history of Christmas carols and having their own parties (including the chance to watch a pantomime and have a visit from Santa Claus). There was also an extra service for children of all ages on Christmas Eve – a crazy, crafty Christingle service.

panto cast 2013

We also had a range of other services, including a service of readings and carols led by our choir and family worship on Christmas Day.

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Carols in the car park 2013

Carols in the car park 2013

The weather was very kind and attendance was good for our annual “Carols in the Car Park” on the evening of 8th December. Members, friends and students alike enjoyed singing a mix of traditional and modern carols as well as the refreshments – mince pies and various cakes, coffee and mulled wine.



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Goldsmith Players Autumn Production 2013

Goldsmith Players Autumn Production 2013

The Goldsmith Players autumn season comprised the established pattern of two one act plays.   The first, a moving story entitled ‘The Bishops Candlesticks’ by Norman McKinnel was set in the kitchen of a bishop’s cottage in France.

The bishop lived with his widowed sister who bemoans that he has given almost all his savings and possessions to charity.   In spite of their impoverishment the Bishop is a noble and kind hearted soul and even gives away his sisters silver cruet to pay for a poor lady’s rent.   They now have just a pair of treasured silver candlesticks left.

In a dramatic final scene the bishop’s house is entered by a desperate escaped convict, drained of humanity who then steals the bishop’s candlesticks.   He is soon captured and taken to the Bishop who denies that a crime has occurred and dismisses the police.   The Bishop in a further act of charity gives the candlesticks to the convict who becomes overwhelmed by such generosity.   The Bishop insists that the man takes the gift and wishes him on his way in a final deed of compassion, leaving himself impoverished.

The second play, ‘Miss Pringle Plays Portia’ was a comedy set in Muldon Village Hall.   The recreation ground had been let to the village for their use over many years by the owner.   On his death the land was bequeathed to his nephew, Montague Watson, who wanted it for a caravan site.   A public meeting was arranged to plead with Mr Watson to save the amenity. There seemed no alternative other than to appeal to his good nature.   The comedy reached a climax when Watson’s good nature was tested after he was showered in water as he tried to repair the old water boiler. Despite protests and heckling his resolve hardened.

He was outwitted by Ms Portia who convinced Watson that the land should be given back in its original condition and was also persuaded to pay the villagers double their wages to carry out the work.   After Mr Watson had signed a contact, Ms Pringle disclosed that the land had originally been a gravel pit!

Again we were treated to very entertaining evening with brilliant performances by all the players and great stage sets.


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Mark Hodgson – lay preaching accreditation

Mark Hodgson – lay preaching accreditation

Our member, Mark Hodgson, successfully completed a three-year programme of study and training to become a Lay Preacher in the United Reformed Church last year.

At the meeting of the East Midlands Synod of the United Reformed Church yesterday (19th October 2013) Mark received his General Assembly Accreditation (National Accredition) from the Moderator of our Synod, Revd. Peter Meek.

Mark Hodgson - lay preacher - general assembly accreditation

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Harvest Festival Celebrations 2013

Harvest Festival Celebrations 2013

Our harvest festival celebrations began with an augmented choir singing the John Rutter anthem, Look at the World and the verses of this anthem provided the structure for our service, with each section being introduced by the reading of the next verse of the anthem. Here are the words:

Look at the world, everything all around us
Look at the world and marvel every day.
Look at the world: so many joys and wonders,
So many miracles along our way

Chorus: Praise to thee, O lord for all creation.
Give us thankful hearts that we may see
All the gifts we share, and every blessing,
All things come of thee.

Look at the earth bringing forth fruit and flower,
Look at the sky the sunshine and the rain.
Look at the hills, look at the trees and mountains,
Valley and flowing river, field and plain.

Think of the spring, think of the warmth of summer
Bringing the harvest before winter’s cold.
Everything grows, everything has a season,
till it is gathered to the Father’s fold:

Every good gift, all that we need and cherish.
Comes from the Lord in token of his love
We are his hands, stewards of all his bounty
His is the earth and his the heavens above.

The service included contributions from many of the children and a short dramatic dialogue and a variety of music.

The church and vestibule were beautifully decorated and afterwards pot plants were taken out to some of the more elderly members of the congregation and the harvest produce shared between Framework and The Friary.


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International Food Evening 2013

International Food Evening 2013

On the evening before our Harvest Festival celebrations, Outreach Activity organised an International Food Evening for church members, family and friends.

Everyone attending was invited to make a dish of food to share (for 6-8 people) and, in return, was given tokens to exchange for the same number of portions of food from the wide selection of dishes that others brought.

International Food Evening

This was a great evening of food, conversation and laughter.

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Junior Church Show 2013

Junior Church Show 2013

The exceptionally hot and humid conditions on 13th July ideally prepared the gathering audience for the temperature Dorothy would have been experiencing in Kansas. Prior to the performance, moreover, the splendidly green whiskered Director carefully told the expectant audience how to evacuate the building in the event of tempest, flood and fire. Happily ‘twisters’ weren’t on his list of hazards, which meant that we could remain in our seats as Dorothy’s journey to the Land of Oz unfolded.

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And what a thrilling journey it turned out to be! All of those on stage were excellent, and were clearly putting heart and soul into their performances, whether as the impressive main characters or as cute munchkins, poppies and snowflakes, winkies, flying monkeys or jitterbugs, (and not forgetting Toto).

Equally stunning were the costumes, the make-up, the scenery, the visuals and the sound effects, (of which the audience had fair warning!). It was very evident that many hours had gone into the preparations for the big night, and all that effort paid off handsomely.

As a church, we are indebted to and proud of all those who were performing on stage and of those behind the scenes. The evening was a resounding success, and congratulations are due to all concerned. The applause at the end of the show was richly deserved.

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Junior Church Camp 2013

Junior Church Camp 2013

The Junior Church camp was at Walesby again this year. Walesby also appears to have its own micro-climate. The forecast for the weekend was rain, rain and a bit more rain! Peoplecame out to visit us with reports of monsoon type downpours in both Nottingham and Mansfield that would be with us at any moment.But they never arrived and we even had to get the sun-cream out!

Each year at camp we have our Sunday service at the same time as the service at St Andrews with Castle Gate. This year, 35 of us sat in a circle under the pine trees, with birds singing in the background. The group included some who have grown up coming to camp and now come as leaders, others who were away from mum and dad for the first time, children we see each week at Church, some new faces who became friends over the weekend and the leaders who each year give their time to plan and run the camp so successfully.

Over the weekend we had some great activities:

We worked in teams to build rafts from oil drums and rope. Some people were brave (or foolish!) enough to push the finished boats into the middle of the lake and then stand up on them – not everyone fell in!

We supported each other and cheered as we went down the zip wire. Some were initially nervous about climbing the tower to the start of the ride but with reassurance and encouragement they zoomed down the zip wire.

The cave maze is a series of pitch-black, narrow tunnels that you have to crawl through to find the exit. Some needed the help of older children to overcome their fears but by the end everyone had conquered the maze.


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Special Pentecost Service

Special Pentecost Service

We had a special Pentecost on Sunday 19th May 2013 when we had the privilege of welcoming Revd. Áureo Rodrigues de Oliveira, moderator of Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil to preach.

We were also pleased that John Ellis, Moderator of the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church, and Revd. Dr. Deborah Baird, Deputy Moderator of the East Midlands synod, were able to be with us for this service, which was led by our minister, Revd. Ian Wiseman.

Revd Áureo Oliveira brought greetings from the Christian community in Brazil and thanks for the support our church has given to the ‘Cristo é Vida’ (Christ is Life)  ‘before and after school’ project run by the Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil in the Pirambu neighbourhood of Fortaleza.

The service was followed by a congregational lunch. Presentations were made to the moderators and Revd Rodrigues de Oliveira presented the church with the gift of a lace communion table cloth made in Fortaleza, capital of the Ceara State of northeast Brazil which specialises in the production of intricately designed hand-made lace.

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