COVID-19 current situation

COVID-19 current situation

June 2022:

  • Our church is open for public worship on Sunday mornings
    • In line with Government advice and guidance, those attending worship are no longer required by law to wear face-masks.
      • We recognise that, in the current circumstances, some members feel more comfortable wearing a mask and sitting with others who are also doing so, while others prefer to worship without wearing a face-covering. In view of this, we are suggesting that those who wish to wear a face-covering to sit on the “organ” side of the church and that those who do not wish to wear a mask sit on the “font” side of the church.
      • We are also asking all those attending to respect the personal choice of others and to be sensitive towards those who are cautious with regard to social distancing.
    • We will be serving tea/coffee in the Fellowship Room after worship from Sunday 27th February.
      • Members are invited to consider whether they feel able to join us for coffee. All are welcome.
      • For the time-being, the external doors will be open to provide adequate ventilation.
  • We live stream our Sunday morning services on our YouTube channel and links and videos may be found on our Recordings of Worship page.
  • Wednesday Afternoon Tea (a time to chat for an hour or so over a cup of tea or coffee from about 3.15 pm) is available for members and the link is circulated each week to all on our members mailing list.
  • Our halls are open for meetings but we are keeping their use under review.
  • We will endeavour to keep this website updated as guidance changes. Do visit frequently to check for updates, and also check our Facebook page. We would be glad to receive feedback that you think may be helpful.
  • Latest URC advice is HERE.
  • For further information, follow the link below to read our Covid-19 page, which includes advice from the URC nationally and links to Government and Local Government advice.

Covid-19 (last updated on 24th February 2022)

We wish to continue offering pastoral support to all members of the congregation. Any member of the congregation may contact their Elder if they, or someone they know, may need help in connection with a pastoral need or a practical need – we are here to support each other and do what we can for our communities. Any member of the Secretarial Team may be contacted if your Pastoral Elder is not available.


We continue to pray for those who are having health difficulties or who have responsibility for taking decisions in relation to this difficult situation.

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January Church Meeting

January Church Meeting

Our postponed 2020 Church AGM was a virtual meeting, held on the Zoom platform on Wednesday 27th January.

Over forty members attended (virtually) and, after adopting the URC Rules for Procedure of virtual meetings, we received the 2019 Annaul Report and accounts, shared some pastoral news and conducted other essential business.

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Christmas Services

Christmas Services

Service of Lessons and Carols
Sunday 20 December
Painstakingly pre-recorded sound and pictures from our Choir, alongside readings, reflections and plenty of your favourite carols for you to join in!
On YouTube – available for 11.00am

Christmas Eve Holy Communion
Thursday 24 December

Our minister Chris leads us in live worship and invites us to the Lord’s table as we mark the moment of his birth.
On Zoom at 11.30pm
Joining details to follow

Christmas Morning Family Service
Friday 25 December

Christ is born in Bethlehem! A short outburst of joyful praise, in one of two ways:

(a) Live at church at 10.30am
Chris leads worship in the sanctuary, subject to all due Covid precautions, for those who may safely attend: please refer to his recent letter for full guidance. Email standrewswithcastlegate.sec@gmail.com for futher details or to register your intention to attend.

Or (b) Live on Zoom at 10.30am
Alternatively, join Mark H for a simultaneous online version of the same service via Zoom – joining details to follow.

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We’ll meet again – Ukuleles

We’ll meet again – Ukuleles

By popular request…
The Ukuleles of St. Andrew’s with Castle Gate United Reformed Church, Nottingham
share their video of “We’ll meet again”

This rendition and the video was made under self-isolating conditions in May 2020 during the week of the 75th anniversary of VE Day.


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VE Day anniversary

VE Day anniversary

Friday, 8th May, was the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Out member, Ruth N, shared recollections of her experiences on VE Day with our members through our eNewsletter and, with her permission, the article is reproduced here:

“It is almost impossible to find words to describe the feeling – the War had ended. It was joyous beyond belief…

With my sister Margaret and friends, we walked in the evening from our home in Sherwood to the Arboretum. We joined a long line of people doing the Conga all around the Arboretum grounds and then the line snaked down the road all the way to the Market Square and you just went with the flow. There were such vast numbers of people we had to hold hands to make sure we could keep together.

The Market Square was literally heaving with people singing and dancing. Such a great outpouring of relief – Church bells were ringing again, having been silenced during the war as they were to have been our warning sign that an invasion on our shores had begun – fortunately never needed. There were lights everywhere – no black-out restrictions. People were smoking their “ciggies” after dark OUTSIDE.”


Ruth, who was 15 at the time of V.E. Day, said it was difficult to describe the experience but it is one of those moments that you carry in your heart.

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From the front line…

From the front line…

Our member, Maggie B, works in the NHS. She contributed the following article for our weekly “eNewsletter” shared on 9th April 2020 and gave permission for it to be shared on the website.

She writes:

[I have been asked] to say a few words about my experience of the current situation, in the belief that my experience is more interesting! This is not a word I’d use to describe the situation, not least because every time I hear it I think of the phrase “may you live in interesting times” – the provenance of which I’ll leave to you to decide!
 Over my past few shifts, I have been variously: scared; tired; fed up; horrified; joyous; bemused; uncomfortable. To be honest, we have been quite lucky at work as we are one of the so-called ‘clean’ wards – we still admit patients of our own speciality (and some others too) and if any of our patients develop Covid-19 they are moved to one of the respiratory wards. The hospital is unrecognisable, purely because everything we did know has changed and most specialty wards have now become respiratory wards. We have new ways of working, and every time I walk into work something else has changed. But we still go back to our fundamentals – each patient is here for a reason, and we need to make sure that they are safe, pain-free, comfortable and well-looked-after whilst they are with us, even if we do have to wear facemasks and end up repeating ourselves frequently.
 We still manage to laugh, not only with the patients but with the staff too, but unfortunately our jokes are not suitable to be repeated. (I’m not sure which is worse – NHS humour or military humour. Answers on a postcard please!) We are also aware how fortunate we are – we may be having to go to work, and potentially risk our health, but we are also able to see and be with other people, and our opportunity for actual social interaction is immense. We do practice social distancing as much as we are able, and we do remind others when necessary, but it’s quite tricky to help a patient mobilise to the bathroom if you are 2 metres away from them.
 If you were to ask me what you could do to help, then I would say you are already doing it. Stay at home, go out as infrequently as possible and stay as far away from others when you do. I may sound like a broken record, but this is a nasty disease and the consequences are horrible, and too often heart-breaking.
 Take care,


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New look for this website

New look for this website

Our website has a new look and a new virtual home!

In order to continue looking good and being easy to navigate on mobile devices, the website has a new overall appearance, but the content is essentially the same.

As always, we will be glad of your feedback and encouragement.

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