Advent and Christmas 2023

Advent and Christmas 2023

Thank you to everyone who prepared, led, took part in and attended any of our Advent and Christmas services and activities this year, including our St. Andrew’s Day service, our Advent evening reflections, Carols in the Courtyard, our Junior Church Nativity and Toy Service, our Carol Service, the Christmas Eve Christingle Service and our celebration on Christmas Day. Thank you to all.

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Area gathering

Area gathering

Friends from all our South Nottingham Area United Reformed Churches met at Gregory Boulevard URC to join the 200th anniversary celebratations of the church on Sunday 29th October 2023.

It was a joy to be with them on this special occasion, to share food and worship together.

The South Nottingham Area is The Dales URC, Gregory Boulevard URC, Keyworth URC and St. Andrew’s with Castle Gate URC.

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Harvest Festival Service 2023

Harvest Festival Service 2023

Thank you so much to everyone whose time and preparation contributed to such a wonderful time of worship for our Harvest Festival this year.

The service, which was led by members of our Junior Church and Youth Group was thoughtfully constructed, imaginatively presented and very well delivered by our young people. We thank them and their leaders very much indeed.

We also thank our flower arranging team for creating such wonderful displays of flowers and harvest produce and everyone who brought harvest gifts to present.

The harvest goods have been donated to The Friary in West Bridgford to support their work with those struggling with homelessness.

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Multi Faith statement regarding the current situation in Israel and Gaza

Multi Faith statement regarding the current situation in Israel and Gaza

Representatives of the Jewish and Muslim communities in Nottingham met along with other faith leaders and representatives of Nottingham Inter Faith Council to listen to each other, share prayers and to agree and sign a statement arising because of the current situation in Israel and Gaza.

The meeting was organised by the leader of Nottingham City Council, Cllr David Mellen and Cllr Sajid Mohammed, portfolio holder for Neighbourhoods, Safety and Inclusion.

The statement reads:

“In light of the heart-breaking events unfolding in Israel and Palestine (Gaza) this week, all Nottingham’s multi faith communities stand together in shock and sorrow. The tragic loss of life deeply affects us all. We wish to emphasise that the targeting and killing of civilians is utterly wrong. The need for unity is so crucial during such trying times.

Our communities share a profound connection to Nottingham and to each other. We work together, our children learn side by side in schools and our commitment to this city is unwavering. We cannot allow any room in our city for hatred, neither antisemitism or Islamophobia can be tolerated. We firmly assert that there is no place for hatred within our city.

We, as a diverse group of people of faith including British Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindu and Sikhs, and other religions pledge our commitment to the safety and prosperity of each other. Together, we will actively call out and challenge all forms of discrimination. We call for understanding, respect, and unity in our beloved city.”


The Free Churches Group statement on the the situation in Israel and Gaza may be read HERE.

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Prayers In A Time of Conflict

Prayers In A Time of Conflict

The URC has offered this prayer following the outbreak of hostilities in Israel and Palestine:

You Shall Not Kill

O Lord,
we hear the news and don’t know what to say,
we see those scenes of violence and don’t know how to pray;
we read of people fighting over the Land and know it was ever thus.

We see the surprise and shock,
hear the cries for revenge,
taste the violence begetting more pain and sorrow,
and touch the bitterness of oppression and loss breeding yet more violence;
a vicious circle that destroys life and land leading to despair and hopelessness.

We hear of international outrage and messages of support,
but know there’s more to this complex story of land, justice, faith, security, and history
than can be encapsulated in easy sound bites.

We watch, listen, read, and try to pray but there are no words in us.

Lord, You told us not to kill;
a commandment venerated and wrestled with by Jews, Christians, and Muslims;
a hard commandment:
one we always want some wiggle room with
yet today we see Your children killing each other.

as a weapon of oppression,
purporting to be a weapon of protest,
seeking to be a bargaining chip
disfigures our humanity, distorts our perception, and disables our discipleship.

In these desperate times, Lord, give strength to those who work for peace:
diplomats and governments calling for restraint,
the Red Cross offering to visit all who are detained,
faith leaders proclaiming Your commandments in a world at war
and peace lovers praying for justice.

Bind up the broken hearted,
give grace to those seeking to end the spiral of violence,
grant wisdom to those seeking peaceful ways to resolve age old conflicts;
and give us the prayers, words, and perseverance needed
to make our discipleship, our efforts for peace and justice count.  Amen.

Other prayers from the URC may be found HERE.

 Embrace Middle East, an ecumenical Christian charity working for peace, have shared prayers for peace and de-escalation HERE

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We were delighted to celebrate Bami’s baptism with her and her family on 1st October.

A lovely occasion.

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Welcome to students

Welcome to students

At this time of year, we welcome university students back to Nottigham.

We wish you all a very good year.

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Pets and Cuddly Toys Service 2023

Pets and Cuddly Toys Service 2023

We had our second (annual?) pets and cuddly toys service on 9th July, thinking about and thanking God for some of our favourite things.

Some members of the congregation brought along favourite cuddly toys:

and others had sent in photographs of their pets which you can view HERE.

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Nottingham – major incident, 13th June 2023

Nottingham – major incident, 13th June 2023

We are deeply shocked and saddened by the tragic events in our city centre early this morning.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all who have been bereaved or injured, with their families and friends, with the members of the emergency services and others who are supporting them and with all who are left feeling fearful and distressed by today’s news.

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Coronation Celebrations

Coronation Celebrations

Thank you to Jill G, Elaine S and everyone who helped make today’s celebration lunch such a success.

Thank you to those who helped set up the halls yesterday and for the display of photographs, to all who provided food and to the musicians.

It was lovely to share together.

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