Eco Church Silver Award

Eco Church Silver Award

We are delighted that recent activities have enabled our church to upgrade its Eco Church award to Silver.

Thank you to those who have guided us towards this and well-done to all. Now we work towards the Gold Award!

You may view our bright, shiny Silver certificate HERE.

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Rt. Rev’d Paulina Hlawiczka-Trotman

Rt. Rev’d Paulina Hlawiczka-Trotman

We were delighted to be joined by our friends, Trinity Lutheran Church, and Lutheran church leaders, friends and family for the first service that Paulina has led following her consecration and instalation as Biship of the Lutheran Church in Great Britain.

Rt. Revd Paulina Hlawiczka-Trotman
with United Reformed Church and Lutheran Church leaders

This was a very happy occasion and we were delight to celebrate with Paulina, her family and friends and the congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church.

Thank you to everyone who helped prepare for this service and all those who provided refreshments.

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Multi Faith statement regarding the current situation in Israel and Gaza

Multi Faith statement regarding the current situation in Israel and Gaza

Representatives of the Jewish and Muslim communities in Nottingham met along with other faith leaders and representatives of Nottingham Inter Faith Council to listen to each other, share prayers and to agree and sign a statement arising because of the current situation in Israel and Gaza.

The meeting was organised by the leader of Nottingham City Council, Cllr David Mellen and Cllr Sajid Mohammed, portfolio holder for Neighbourhoods, Safety and Inclusion.

The statement reads:

“In light of the heart-breaking events unfolding in Israel and Palestine (Gaza) this week, all Nottingham’s multi faith communities stand together in shock and sorrow. The tragic loss of life deeply affects us all. We wish to emphasise that the targeting and killing of civilians is utterly wrong. The need for unity is so crucial during such trying times.

Our communities share a profound connection to Nottingham and to each other. We work together, our children learn side by side in schools and our commitment to this city is unwavering. We cannot allow any room in our city for hatred, neither antisemitism or Islamophobia can be tolerated. We firmly assert that there is no place for hatred within our city.

We, as a diverse group of people of faith including British Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindu and Sikhs, and other religions pledge our commitment to the safety and prosperity of each other. Together, we will actively call out and challenge all forms of discrimination. We call for understanding, respect, and unity in our beloved city.”


The Free Churches Group statement on the the situation in Israel and Gaza may be read HERE.

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Nottingham – major incident, 13th June 2023

Nottingham – major incident, 13th June 2023

We are deeply shocked and saddened by the tragic events in our city centre early this morning.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all who have been bereaved or injured, with their families and friends, with the members of the emergency services and others who are supporting them and with all who are left feeling fearful and distressed by today’s news.

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Coronation Celebrations

Coronation Celebrations

Thank you to Jill G, Elaine S and everyone who helped make today’s celebration lunch such a success.

Thank you to those who helped set up the halls yesterday and for the display of photographs, to all who provided food and to the musicians.

It was lovely to share together.

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A Prayer for the King and Queen

A Prayer for the King and Queen

The United Reformed Church shared this prayer for the new King and Queen:

Eternal God,
You order and govern our world and all that is therein,
bless, we pray, Charles and Camilla
that they may feel your loving presence,
and fulfil faithfully the roles prescribed for them,
and that we may, in this kingdom, be better governed,
and always reminded of your eternal Kingdom which is to come. Amen.

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Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Members will have the opportunity to respond to the appeal for aid through the DEC appeal at church over the next few weeks.

Christian Aid has shared the following prayer:

God of time and space, we cry to you for your children – our neighbours – in southern Turkey and northern Syria, following the earthquake that has devastated hundreds of lives. Only they and you know what it is like to experience such trauma in the middle of the night. 

We give thanks for the aid that is already being given and for the promises of help that have been made by many nations. 

Comfort, we pray, 

   those who are trapped in collapsed buildings; 

   those who have lost loved ones; 

   those who wait for news and 

   those digging through rubble to save others. 

Grant the gift of hope so that those caught between life and death know that you are with them and that others are ready to support them as they seek a future that overshadows the experiences of today. 

We ask this in the Name of Jesus, who endured so much for love of them. 


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Prayers on the occasion of the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth Il

Prayers on the occasion of the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth Il

Almighty and Eternal God, we give you thanks and praise for the life and example of Her Majesty, Elizabeth. We give thanks for her devotion to the life of our nation, our commonwealth and our world. We give thanks for her wisdom, for her example of Christian faith and discipleship and for her dignity and integrity at all times and in all situations. We give thanks for her long and untiring service and for her example of duty and commitment.

Almighty and Eternal God, we commend her into your sure keeping, praying that she may now know your eternal love and peace. We pray for her children, her grandchildren and her great grandchildren, for all the extended royal family as they mourn her loss and grieve for her passing. We pray that you will strengthen them and comfort them in these difficult days, as they prepare to honour very publicly one whom they have loved dearly and privately.

Almighty and Eternal God, we offer our prayers in this time of national transition, praying for those who must now step up and shoulder the burden of national leadership and in particular for he who now must serve as king. We pray that you will sustain and keep them in their new roles and grant them the wisdom and insight that will enable them to lead our nation in the ways of justice and peace. We offer all our prayers in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and our Redeemer. Amen.

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Baptism – September 2022

Baptism – September 2022

It was with joy that the family of the church welcomed Arthur John Rudy Jennings on the occasion of his baptism, 4th September 2022. We wish him and his family all blessings for the future.

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Virtual Pilgrimage 2022

Virtual Pilgrimage 2022

We are very grateful to Nicola R who researched an organised our 2022 Virtual Pilgrimage to raise funds for Christian Aid.

This year, in recognition of the 50th annivserary of the United Reformed Church, our pilgrimage took the form of a virtual tour of the URCs in the East Midlands Synod.

The journal of our pilgrimage may read read HERE.

Thank you, also, to everyone who participated in the pilgrimage or supported this project in any way.

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