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Virtual Pilgrimage for Christian Aid 2021

Virtual Pilgrimage for Christian Aid 2021

Virtual Pilgrimage in aid of Christian Aid

Members have completed their collective virtual pilgrimage, travelling around the British Isles visiting places of religious significance.

Thanks to Nicola R for organising this and for researching the route and creating our journal entries and to Derek G for producing the maps.

Over £3000 was raised for Christian Aid and you can read about the journey HERE.

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Christmas Shoeboxes 2019

On Sunday, we dedicated fifty shoeboxes of gifts prepared by our Junior Church for children overseas.

These will be transported and distributed by the Teams4U charity which was set up by Dave Cooke, the originator of Operation Christmas Child.

Thank you to everyone who contributed items for the shoeboxes, to the children who wrote letters to the recipients and to the adults who helped them pack and wrap the shoeboxes.

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Upendo Junior School

For a number of years, our church, Junior Church and individual members have given support to Upendo Junior School in the town of Kiminini, Kenya. This school was founded by Dr. Masibo Lumala to provide education for children in need.

In September, the church pleased to welcome Masibo, with his colleagues Stella Chebii and Hardlyne Lusui. Masibo spoke during worship to thank the church for our support and tell us more about the school.

Masibo Lumala, Stella Chebii and Hardlyne Lusui

The classrooms that we helped fund are now in full use and the school is working to improve security and sanitation for its pupils. We were glad to make a further gift to contribute to this.

Following their return to Kenya, Masibo has written:

Greetings from a warm and sunny Kiminini.

I wish to that this opportunity to first thank you and your minister Chris for hosting us at your lovely church on 1st September. It was wonderful talking to your congregation and having a chit chat with you over coffee after the service.

Second, please convey my deep gratitude to the church and the elders for their generous gift to Upendo Junior School. The money will go a long way in enabling me to complete the toilets for the children. May God bless everyone who has continued to give to us and to ray for our work here.


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Junior Church link with Upendo

Much of the money raised by the Junior Church (mainly through sales at coffee time) is donated to support work at Upendo Junior School in Kenya, helping to change the lives of over 120 children, many of them orphans.

The new buildings that we helped to fund are now in use. Upendo’s three biggest needs currently are for sponsorship for individual students, laptops for their community children’s computer lab and furniture for the classrooms. (At the moment, children often have to sit on the floor to work.)

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World Church afternoon 2017

We were delighted to host the 2017 World Church afternoon for Nottinghamshire Area United Reformed Churches on Sunday 19th November.

The theme of the annual event on this occasion was a celebration of our world church links. We reflected on the work of the Council for World Mission, of which the URC is one of thirty-two member churches, the Botswana Synod of the United Congregational Church of South Africa, with which our synod has close links and Commitment for Life to which many, if not all, our local churches make a contribution. Our minister, Revd. Chris Ford, hosted the event and we were delighted that Judith was able to come and speak about the link with Botswana and that Sylvia was present to give up-to-date information about Commitment for Life partners, the Zimbabwe connections in particular.

Following the presentations and sharing of other stories, we enjoyed a bring-and-share tea and then worship incorporating hymns and chants from different parts of the world church.

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Christian Aid Week 2014

We had a special service on 11th May, the start of Christian Aid week when Lucy Connell, currently Head of Eastside of England for Christian Aid, came to speak to us.

Following the service, we had a soup lunch in our halls.

Soup lunch 2014

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Christian Aid Tax Justice Bus

Our church was the Nottingham venue when Christian Aid and Church Action on Poverty met with local MPs, councillors and church leaders when the Tax Justice Bus stopped in Nottingham on its national tour.

Tax Justice Bus

Tax Justice Bus


Vernon Coaker M.P. visits the Tax Justice Bus

Vernon Coaker M.P. visits the Tax Justice Bus


Christian Aid and Church Action on Poverty teamed up to tour the UK and Ireland in the Tax Justice Bus, in a bright red double decker, for 53 days starting in August 2012 to share the message of tax injustice with churches across the country.

The Tax Justice Bus visited Nottingham on 22nd September – and parked on the pavement outside our church between 3 pm and 6 pm.

Visitors included local MPs, Civic leaders, church leaders and other supporters of Christian Aid.

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Christian Aid – City Centre Churches sponsored walk

About a dozen members of our congregation joined the Christian Aid sponsored walk around the city centre churches on 12th April 2012.

Starting at Mansfield Road Baptist Church, the walk followed a similar route to the 2011 walk, ending with a short act of worship at St. Andrew’s with Castle Gate again.

A feature of the walk this year was a guided tour of the St. Barnabas Cathedral in Nottingham given by Father Geoffrey Hunton, the Cathedral Dean.

A tour of St. Barnabas Cathedral - Christian Aid walk 2012

A tour of St. Barnabas Cathedral - Christian Aid walk 2012

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Christmas 2010

We enjoyed a busy Christmas of activities and events at church.

We staged a Christmas Tree Festival on 3rd to 5th December. This was opened by the Lord Mayor of Nottingham and may visitor came look at a huge variety of trees decorated by different church and community groups. Those who came through the doors enjoyed refreshments as well as the trees and the donations they made to the event’s charity, Spiral, enabled us to send £550 to this local cause.


2010 Christmmas Tree Festival


The Christmas Tree Festival culminated in our annual Carols in the Car Park event to which students, in the accommodation block next to our church, are particularly invited. This year we had the largest number of students ever and the singing was excellent.

The following weekend, our church hosted the Nottingham Big Christmas Sing in aid of Christian Aid. There was lots of audience participation in the singing of a variety of Christmas songs and traditional carols and singers from St. Barnabas, the Rainbow Choir and Westdale Junior School performed special items. This well-attended event raised £450 for Christian Aid.

Two special services for our church took place on 19th December. In the morning the children and young people presented their festival service. This re-told the Christmas story with a modern twist – assuming that the character in the story had access to modern technologies. In the evening, the church choir led our service of Nine Lessons and Carols.

Our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services were also well attended and much appreciated and the Christmas season left us feeling very grateful to all those who had planned, led and supported the events and activities of a busy December.

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Bible Society Concert

The church choir gave a concert in aid of the Nottingham Action Group of the Bible Society in the church this evening.

The varied programme, including some instrumental items as well as secular and sacred choral music, was very well received by the audience and over £600 was raised for the Bible Society by the event.

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