Page updated 21/9/21

Our church is open for public worship on Sunday mornings.

  • We recognise that some members are more vulnerable or more cautious than others and are also aware that the infection rate in and around Nottingham fluctuates. We are therefore suggesting that those who would prefer to wear a mask (and sit among others wearing masks) to sit on the right-hand side of the church (as you look towards the communion table) and, if you prefer not to wear a mask, to sit on the left-hand side.
  • Tea/coffee is being served in the Fellowship Room after the service. We are opening the doors to the courtyard to maximise ventilation and there is seating outside in the courtyard for those who prefer to socialise in the fresh air.

We live stream our Sunday morning services on our YouTube channel and our Recordings of Worship page.

Our email newsletter (now fortnightly) is continuing for the next few weeks.

Participation at Zoom “after worship coffee time” has dwindled and this session seems to have reached a natural end but Wednesday Afternoon Tea (a time to chat for an hour or so over a cup of tea or coffee from about 3.15 pm) is available for members and the link is circulated each week to all on our members mailing list.

Our church halls are opening for meetings, step-by-step, but we are currently limiting concurrent bookings.

Nottingham City Council advice may be found here:

Government advice may be found here: Government advice


Previous Updates:


Our church is open for public worship on Sunday mornings and, following the removal of Government restrictions on social distancing indoors, there is no longer a requirement for those attending to book a place in advance.

We recognise that some members are more vulnerable or more cautious than others and are also aware that the infection rate in and around Nottingham is relatively high. We are therefore asking those attending to show their respect others by wearing masks indoors, if possible for them, and to sing hymns fairly quietly.

We are continuing to live stream our services on Sunday mornings and a video of the service is also being shared on YouTube and our Recordings of Worship page by the end of Sunday afternoon. 

Our weekly email newsletter and after-worship Zoom coffee-time are continuing for the next few weeks and will then be reviewed. 

Our church halls remain closed for meetings or bookings.


We have opened our sanctuary for Sunday morning worship but, to help us comply with our Covid Risk Assessment, anyone planning to attend needs to book a place with our church secretary, Noel.

We have started live streaming our services on Sunday mornings and a video of the service is also being shared on YouTube and our Recordings of Worship page by the end of Sunday afternoon. 


Advice from Synod Moderators continues to be that it is prudent for churches to remain closed until Pentecost.

The URC has shared a reflection, written by the Rev’d Dr. Carla A. Grosch-Miller, on the anniversary of the first lockdown. Entitled One year on: Feeling our way towards recovery and rebuilding, it may be read HERE.


As the vaccination programme continues and government restrictions begin to ease, the Elders’ Council is keeping the matter of when it is appropriate to plan for our church to re-open. At its recent meeting, Elders’ Council reflected on these matters and also took account of the local numbers of those infected with Covid-19, the latest advice from the Synod Moderators of the URC as well as considering the varying needs of our members. Balancing the desire to meet together and worship in the manner we are used to with the need to help keep everyone safe, the view of the Elders’ Council meeting was that it was not yet appropriate to confirm a date for the church to open for public worship. The next Elders’ Council meeting is on 14th April when the issue will again be a main subject for discussion.

The latest advice from Synod Moderators may be found HERE.

We continue to share videoed services on YouTube each Sunday, our weekly eNewsletter and have a Zoom account for meetings, group and social activities and gatherings. Members and friends who are not able to access these online resources can be offered recordings on DVD or CD and printed material may be posted to them. 


Nottingham, along with the rest of England, is now under “lockdown” regulations. Having considered the implications of this and the importance of protecting our community, the Elders’ Council has agreed that the church buildings should not open for public worship or meetings at this time. We will continue to share videoed services on YouTube each Sunday, our weekly eNewsletter and have a Zoom account for meetings, group and social activities and gatherings. Members and friends who are not able to access these online resources can be offered recordings on DVD or CD and printed material may be posted to them. 


Nottingham is now under the governments’ Tier 4 regulations.


The URC continues to update its advice to churches in the light of government guidance and legislation. This includes advice about singing in church which may be read HERE.


The Moderator of the East Midlands Synod wrote a Pastoral Letter to our churches following the return to lockdown. This may be read HERE.

The Moderators of the URC General Assembly also issued a statement which may be read HERE.


The latest advice from the URC regarding church opening/closure may be found HERE.

The latest government advice about the number of people who may attend weddings, Funerals and other acts of worship may be found HERE.

The church has the Track and Trace QR code poster displayed inside the building and our Risk Assessment is up to date.


The church completed the URC risk assessment and this is being updated following the experience of a test event in church in the middle of the month. A planned event for the middle of October was postponed follwing rising levels of infection in the city.


The East Midlands Synod of the URC has shared helpful documents on its Covid-19 page including ones about face coverings (national URC guidance here) and Transition from Lockdown – a paper about what various churches have been doing during lockdown and ideas about how churches might move forward carefully as some become ready for worship in the church sanctuary again.

The government issued guidance on “the safe use of places of worship during the pandemic” (dated 14th August 2020).

25th June 2020

The East Midlands Synod of the URC has shared the following today:

Earlier this week the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced that several lockdown restrictions will be eased from Saturday 4 July, with the restoration of church worship (without singing) amongst them. 
In response, URC General Secretary the Revd John Proctor has issued an interim statement to say that Synod Moderators are working on detailed guidance for URC churches in England, to be published shortly on the URC website. He concludes: 
“With care, with distance, with gladness, we shall one day be able to worship together. For some of us that day may not be far ahead. But let’s do it responsibly.”
The full statement may be read at: .



13th May 2020

We continue to share videos for Sunday worship and a weekly email eNewsletter. Members should speak to their Elder if they are not able to access these resources. The secretarial team and the Worship and Christian Education sub group have held conference-call meetings and other groups including the Choir, Ukuleles, Craft Club and Junior Church have had Zoom meetings.

The government’s new advice, issued on 10th May, indicates that churches will remain closed at least until the end of June and this gives us some time to consider what is appropriate for us to offer when restrictions begin to be lifted.

The URC has updated its “Advice” page for churches and this includes the following information:

  • Read the latest update from the URC following the statement from the Prime Minister on May 10. 
  • Pope Francis has endorsed the call to “the believers of all the religions to unite together spiritually on May 14 in a day of prayer and fasting, to implore God to help humanity overcome the coronavirus pandemic.” This initiative has been warmly received by ecumenical leaders. 
  • Are you ready for the “new normal”? Our Synod Moderators have produced a new booklet to help churches and ministers move forward once the Covid-19 lockdown eases.
  • Win some Fairtrade chocolate and a book! Download this outline of the URC logo, print it off and colour it in. Email a photo of your artwork to or post it to Communications, 86 Tavistock Place, London WC1H 9RT by the end of May for a chance to win one of 10 sets of Commitment for Life Fairtrade chocolate bars and a copy of God is with us, a collection of the Chapter & Verse Bible studies from Reform magazine. Please include your name and address with your artwork. 
  • The page has other colouring resources.

Reform, the magazine of the URC is free to read online.


 3rd April 2020

The minister has share his resources for next week’s series of Lent reflections. If you are a member of St. Andrew’s with Castle Gate and are not receiving our members’ emails, please let one of the secretarial team know.  

1st April 2020 The second edition of our Weekly eNewsletter will be shared in the middle of this week. Our video of worship for Sunday 29th March has over 300 views. Nottinghamshire County Council have issued THIS advice to help people spot and prevent “scams” (especially ones related to the coronavirus) and to help identify if a relative has been the victim of a scam.  

29th March 2020 The Weekly eNewsletter was shared on Thursday. The choir had an “on-line” get-together on Thursday evening and there was an on-line meeting of a Lent Study Group on Friday.  

26th March 2020 We hope to share our first Weekly eNewsletter via “members-announce” today.   24th March 2020 The URC has updated its advice to churches and offered guidance to help ensure the safety of vulnerable people at this time. It details “safeguarding” advice: subheadings include Home visits; Children and young people, Adults at risk and Access to specific advice and support. The document may be read HERE.

  • Although no-one will be allowed into church next Sunday, we still expect to share a service on YouTube at 11 am.
  • There is a link to the URC Daily Devotions on the front page of our website.
  • The URC website notes:
    • On 23 March the UK government announced strict new measures in what Prime Minister Boris Johnson described as a ‘moment of national emergency’ to help stop the spread of coronavirus: only leave your home to go shopping for necessities such as food and medicine, for medical need or to care for the vulnerable; only one form of exercise per day; only travel to and from work when absolutely necessary; places of worship and other premises are now closed; weddings and baptisms cannot take place, but funerals can.
    • Funerals are still allowed, but we must keep them very small. Plan a simple committal ceremony at cemetery or crematorium with an intentionally very small number of people present. Tributes can be paid in other ways – either online, or in a church newsletter – or given in a memorial service later in the year. All of that will surely feel unsatisfactory. But there is not a satisfactory way to deal with these issues. We don’t want anyone’s life to end because someone attended a funeral.

  22nd March 2020

  • At 11 am on Sunday morning, we streamed worship for members. The stream is on THIS page with a video of the service (uploaded lated and which is better quality).
  • Recordings of services may be found HERE during this difficult period.
  • An “email” newsletter is being prepared and we hope to share this during the coming week.

  19th March 2020

  • The April Newsletter will not be produced, but you may read the Minister’s Letter penned for that edition HERE.
  • Many people have appreciated a poem, Lockdown, about the impact of coronavirus, posted on Facebook by Brother Richard Hendrick . It may be read HERE.
  • The URC advice has been updated. Read it here: urc-issues-coronavirus-advice-to-its-churches.
  • Nottingham City Council is closing libraries at the end of business on Thursday 19th March; Leisure Centres are closes; events at the Royal Concert Hall, Theatre Royal and Nottingham Playhouse have been suspended.A message from the council leader may be read HERE.
  • Nottingham City Council has updated its advice: Read it here:

  17th March 2020

  • The URC advice has been updated. Read it here: urc-issues-coronavirus-advice-to-its-churches.
  • This advice asks churches which have not already suspended “all acts of worship, physical meetings, and other church activities” to consider doing so. Our church Secretarial Team has agreed that our church should cancel all public worship and all activities held in church with immediate effect until the end of April.
  • Hall bookings have been cancelled.

  15th March 2020

  13th March 2020

  12th March 2020

  • The South Nottingham Area service planned for 15th March at Friary URC will not go ahead.
  • The Synod Meeting planned for 21st March has been cancelled.

  8th March 2020

  6th March 2020 – A letter sent to leaders of all groups which use our halls may be read here: Letter to groups using our halls   URC CORONAVIRUS PREVENTION ADVICE The United Reformed Church nationally and at Synod level has shared information provided by Thrive Worldwide, which advises the URC on ministerial and other health issues. The latest URC advice may be read HERE. 12th March 2020 – The URC website has added links to Government advice. Links to advice published by the Church of England and the Methodist Church are also provided. Issued 3rd March 2020 – The URC General Secretary has informed Synods that the clear guidance from Thrive at the moment about forthcoming meetings is to carry on, but to be careful about handwashing, and for people with concerning symptoms to stay at home.

Issued 21st February 2020 The United Reformed Church (URC) is offering prevention advice to congregations around the UK on the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic to help reduce the risk to people. Covid-19 has been deemed a public health emergency of international concern, however the risk to the UK public has been set at moderate. Coronavirus is part of a large family of viruses that cause a range of illnesses in humans, from the common cold to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Medical advice has been sought from Thrive Worldwide, which advises the URC on ministerial health issues, so that guidance can be provided to help our churches be confident that they are taking the necessary steps to be as safe as possible. The guidance covers: • symptoms which include fever, fatigue, a cough that may progress to pneumonia, causing shortness of breath and breathing difficulties • how it can be caught and the incubation period • how to avoid catching it. Thrive Worldwide says: “Churches should already be following best hygiene practices that include advising members who are unwell to stay at home, or those with coughs and sneezes to refrain from handshaking. It is also best practice for churches to have hand sanitisers available for members and visitors to use.” Full details on the advice issued to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 can be found here: This is general advice and was correct at the time of publication. If you feel or become unwell, always seek the advice of your GP or call the NHS Helpline on 111 from landlines or mobiles.