Free Churches Group statement on the situation in Israel and Gaza

The Free Churches Group is a network of 27 National Churches in the Non-Conformist, Evangelical and Pentecostal traditions, providing healthcare and prison chaplaincy services and education support from a Christian value base in England and Wales. The following is the agreed statement from the Free Churches Group on the situation in Israel and Gaza. We are heart-broken by the escalation of violence in Israel and Palestine. The horror of the attack on Jewish communities in Israel by the terrorists of Hamas is beyond words.  The humanitarian crisis facing the people of Gaza is appalling. We are greatly concerned for the innocent civilians of Gaza suffering as a consequence of the evil acts of Hamas. We in the Free Churches Group join with others to urge the Israeli government to seek to protect innocent lives wherever possible. We plead that humanitarian assistance is provided to all who suffer. In our own country, we call for resistance against all antisemitic attacks, for protection for all Jewish communities. We look for visible action by Christian communities to reach out to their neighbours as people of light, and hope, who are called to be peacemakers, resisting hatred and violence. We encourage Christians to pray for peace and comfort for all. You may find the following links to resources, prayers and articles, compiled by CCJ, helpful:
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