Serving the Community

Our Church is concerned to serve the local community, and our buildings and members are closely involved in four important activities supporting the young, the elderly and the sick: the Abbeyfield Nottingham Society, the Nottingham Child Contact Centre and the Stroke Club.

We also support people in the community who have experienced a period of difficulty but have begun the process of recovery. We do this by offering our halls rooms at low rental fees to a number of self-help groups which grow out of organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous. At any one time, we usually have several such groups meeting at various times during the week at our church but, for reasons of confidentiality, do not advertise this aspect of our service in detail.

In addition to supporting the local community in these ways, we show our practical concern for those in need in the wider world by our charitable giving and fund-raising efforts.

More information about our outreach work