The Abbeyfield Nottingham Society

The Abbeyfield Society is an organisation which runs homes for elderly people. It was members of our church who established the Nottingham society and our church members are well represented on the society committees.

Most of the homes are quite small and are for old people who can look after themselves. These homes, which are called very sheltered homes, each have a housekeeper who cooks meals and does some cleaning for the residents. The housekeeper has a day off every week. On that day of the week a volunteer (from a rota) comes in to cook the midday meal for the residents.

Each house has a committee of volunteers which makes sure the house is run properly. The committee appoints the housekeeper, organises some fund raising activities (including coffee mornings with tombolas and brick-a-brack stalls etc.), monitors the finances of the house and supports its work.

The new Abbeyfield houses are Registered Residential Homes. We have three of these in Nottingham. They offer homes for residents who need 24 hour care and are usually larger.

At the moment the Nottingham Abbeyfield Society has over eighty permanent residents in Registered Residential Care and about thirty residents in very sheltered houses.

The Nottingham Abbeyfield Society is part of the national Abbeyfield Society which is a registered charity.