Ukulele Club

The Ukulele Club meets on alternate Friday evenings to coincide with “Craft Club” meetings. We get together for a relaxed hour or so, strumming through a selection of songs (including “pop”, contemporary compositions, hymns, and traditional songs), learning new chords or playing styles and helping each other with technique.

  • A range of songs is played – from hymns to “pop”, from contemporary compositions to traditional folk songs whose origins are lost in the mists of time.
  • A range of ages is represented in the group – an age-range of over 60 years.
  • A range of abilities is accommodated – from beginners to the confident.

We have beginners to experienced musicians in the group and. while we meet mainly for the fun of playing together, we do accompany hymns in worship occasionally, and we lead “sing-along” spots at our annual church Event of Entertainment and help lead a Come and Strum session on Nottingham’s Light Night.

We welcome new members, whether complete beginners or talented players.

Here is a video we created during the “coronavirus lockdown” in the week of the 75th anniversary of VE Day: