We have a number of students who worship with us on a regular basis – many of them are International Students who have come from their homelands to study in the United Kingdom. This includes students who have come to undertake post-graduate studies. We are glad to have students with us and, as our congregation includes members who are current and former lectures and support staff at the universities, we are in a position to respond to students who feel they need support.

Our church is pleased to support the Student Christian Movement, which seeks to be a radical voice for equality and justice, and a safe home for progressive Christian students.

Our city-centre church is surrounded by Nottingham Trent University buildings and student accommodation, and we want to be a community of faith where all students can find a home.

Our congregation is diverse, drawn from different traditions, and on our website and social media channels you will find information about all the groups, activities, services and events that we have going on.

The Student Christian Movement’s Honest Church campaign asks churches to write “with greater honesty about the true welcome that LGBTQ+ people receive” and to be honest about women’s opportunities or limits in the church. Please visit our “Honest Church” statement HERE.