Order of Service: HERE


most basic version of the service

Videos, as received, have been put in order with only the beginnings/endings of each scene trimmed to remove extraneous sections.

level 2: simple background

videos are resized/cropped to remove “surplus” background and a simple (single) “church” background applied.

level 3: improved sound

Sound has been processed to remove background hiss, generally more noticable on better sound systems/larger speakers; fade in/fade out at scene changes to avoid sudden, unpleasant and distracting sound transitions (compare moving into and out of Noel’s readings on this video with the same points on earlier ones). Please note though, that the sound processing here has been quickly applied and each element has not been individually adjusted.

video as shared

This is the video as shared with the congregation. The differences are that different (hopefully, more appropriate) backgrounds have been used in different scenes; sound processing and transition timings have been finessed and, probably the most time consuming element – words have been put up on the screen to connect with the words as spoken. This is a big step up from the previous video in terms of time and/but it would have taken a considerable time to produce further intermediate versions and I did not feel it merited that time at this stage. The value of further “intermediate” versions could be discussed.