House Groups

We have two series of house groups each year, one During Lent and the other during Advent. These are small groups (ranging from about five to fifteen people) which meet in people’s homes for five or six weekly or fortnightly sessions to study a particular theme.

We generally have three groups meeting in different parts of the city operating on different days and at different times of day so that as many people as possible can find a time and a place convenient to them. Our groups do not have a fixed membership: not everyone can come every time. They do not always have a fixed leader for a whole series: they have sometimes benefited from leadership from among their own members.

The house groups sometimes use materials that have been produced ecumenically including studies such as those produced by the Council of Churches in Britain and Ireland but often our minister or one of the members of our Christian Education Committee will write a booklet to provide the basis for our discussions. We welcome members of other churches and of other faiths (or none), and most groups do have people attending who are from outside our own congregation.