Taizé Services

Taizé Services: Ecumenical services of Prayer and Meditation

On the second Tuesday of each month we have a “Taizé” style service of prayer and meditation.

These services are suitable for Christians of all denominations and are part of our church’s response and contribution to the ecumenical partnership of the city centre churches in Nottingham.

The services of prayer and meditation, which begin at 6 pm, last about an hour and refreshments are available before the services from 5 pm. The timing was chosen to be suitable for people working in the city centre and who might appreciate a time of quiet reflection and worhip after work and for students and others to worship before going out in the evening.

As well as providing opportunities for private prayer and silent reflection, Taizé music is used to create a prayerful atmosphere.


Candles symbolising a prayer intention at a Taize service