Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals

Marriage, baptism and funeral services are held at our church, by arrangement with the minister, with baptisms normally being incorporated into one of normal Sunday morning services.



We are always glad to help and support any couples wishing to celebrate their marriage. When you contact us, we will arrange to meet with you and talk you through all the important aspects of a marriage ceremony including the style of the service and who will be involved, the vows used, the legal requirements, and the faith elements.  You will be given supportive and appropriate advice to ensure that your special day is one to be remembered.



Julie and  Guillaume were married in our church on 15th June 2012. (Photo, by Alison Edwards, used with permission.)



In many ways, Baptism is about belonging to the family of Jesus Christ. The Baptismal service is the sign and seal of that belonging. Baptismal services may often be conducted on behalf of children and parents, but they are also available for those older in years who have never had a previous opportunity and who wish to take their faith forward. We will be glad to talk with you about Baptism and all that it means.


Here are Katie and Rob with their sons Calum (Baptised 18th July 2010) and
Joshua (Baptised 9th September 2012).



We recognise the importance of funerals as significant life events and our Minister will discuss with you how best to express that within the context of a Christian framework. Our former Presbyterian identity means that a significant number of funerals for Scottish expatriates are conducted at our church. Pastoral care is always part of the follow up to funerals and each year at the beginning of November we hold a Bereavement Service in which those who have passed away in the previous twelve months are remembered. Many relatives have found this to be a most meaningful and helpful service.